No more grilled cheese now that we have quesadillas to make!  This will be a general recipe that you can tailor to your taste since there are sooo many ingredients to stuff your quesadilla with. Ingredients: Burrito (large) sized tortillas Mozzarella cheese 1 pound sautéed mushroom slices Pickled jalapeño pepper slices Cooked chicken, shredded or cubed small Red onion, sliced thin Oil for frying Heat a large dry skillet to medium high. Lay one tortilla in the skillet and brush the top lightly with oil. Flip the tortilla and brush the other side lightly with oil. You should the tortilla sizzle slightly if the skillet is hot enough. It is better to try a lower heat than to heat it too high – a burned tortilla is no good to anybody. Let the first side cook until it starts to brown in spots, then flip to let the second side cook. Sprinkle the whole tortilla with just enough cheese to loosely cover in one layer. Add stuffing ingredients to the side - just one half of the tortilla. Try some: sautéed mushroom slices cooked chicken or beef (I like to use leftover Thai Chicken Satay) pickled jalapeño pepper slices red onion slices shredded broccoli zucchini slices …and anything else you can think of Immediately fold the empty (just the cheese) side of the tortilla over to cover the ingredients side and tamp it down slightly. Cover the skillet to encourage the cheese to melt and the stuffing ingredients to heat through. Flip halfway through the melting. Serve by cutting the folded tortilla into four parts. Serve with sour cream & salsa and/or pico de gallo.  
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