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I have tried to write all the recipes as if you, the reader, were a brand new cook.  That way, I plan not to leave out any steps so that you may recreate each recipe just as I do in my kitchen.  If you are an experienced cook please excuse me when I add detail to each kitchen procedure.  I hope that even experienced cooks may learn a new tip or two so bear with me as I try to make each recipe complete. Many of my mother’s recipes rely on ready made ingredients like canned soup, cake mix, mayonnaise or other pre-prepared items.  These ingredients make the recipe quick and easy to make, but not any less authentic or delicious.  Examples of these recipes are my mother’s Hot Chicken Salad, Green Bean Casserole, Chocolate Icing with a box made cake and Potato Salad. The feeling I get from making a recipe from scratch is even more rewarding.  There is something especially fulfilling about doing everything yourself.  I have a lot of scratch recipes, including Thai Curry From Scratch, Home Made Taco Seasoning, Broccoli Quiche, Roasted Vegetables, Pecan Squares, Tandoori Chicken, Cranberry Sauce and Strawberry Jam.
Many recipes that are found in cookbooks or online seem to me to be too brief and they need some serious tweaking to make them come out right.  It’s as if some parts of the recipe have been left out, or they’ve just been copied and pasted from some website without any serious testing.  All of the recipes and food tips on this website are tested by me personally.  They are what I use routinely in my own kitchen and that my family loves.  The comfort food recipes are ones that were handed down to me by my mother – a great cook!  Most of the Thai recipes I learned in cooking class at a Thai restaurant.