Casserole Recipes 
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First of all, what is a casserole?  The name refers to the deep dish that is used for both cooking and serving a main dish or a one dish meal, often with meat included as an ingredient.  I like making casseroles instead of using a crock pot because you can serve the meal right from the dish you baked it in.
Originally, a casserole dish was defined as being a very specific type of cookware with a distinctive shape.  Today, any oven safe large square or oblong serving dish, made from ceramic or glass can be used to bake and serve a casserole.  This is not gourmet cooking, but comfort food like a casserole may never exemplify cooking as a high art.  That’s not what comfort food is all about.  This kind of cooking is really retro, a nostalgic cooking style that warms the heart and the belly instead of the gourmet mind. Many modern casserole recipes rely on a base of canned condensed soup for quick and easy preparation and some of my recipes are based just like that.  By far my family’s favorite casserole recipe of mine is my hot chicken salad recipe made with mayonnaise and cream of chicken soup.  I can make this dish ahead of time and take it anywhere, and it reheats very well as leftovers.  My next favorite is a green bean casserole recipe, a very popular family classic that is made with only 4 ingredients.  This is a creamy side dish casserole which is also based on a can of condensed soup, and is topped with French fried onions to add a savory and salty crunch. Along with those, I have included my shepherd’s pie, quiche and corn bread pudding recipes.  They are not quite casseroles, but they are hearty and substantial dishes that are baked in the oven so I have included them here. Just select one of the casserole recipes at the left of this page and enjoy!