Cookie Recipes
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What’s so good about cookies, anyway?  How about  - everything!  Cookies, even more than other desserts are all about fun, pleasure and certainly not for nutrition.  They are easy to make and easy to pass around and share.  When they are served hot then can be considered comfort food with a nostalgic smell, texture and taste.
Around the world, there are hundreds of cookie types, from Apas in the Philippines to Christmas sugar cookies to good old chocolate chip cookies.  What we call 'cookies' in the North America are called biscuits in the United Kingdom and Australia, galletas in Spain, kels in Germany, and biscotti or amaretti in Italy. Most cookie types are sweet, and baked until crisp and flat.  In cookie batter what holds things together is fatl, perhaps from eggs, butter or just vegetable cooking oil.  They can be baked until crispy or crumbly, or gently baked for a soft center, or deep fried or even not baked at all, like chilled refrigerator cookies. In North America, most cookies are made with dairy or other fat, flour, eggs and sugar.  They can be flavored and decorated with chocolate chips, raisins, oatmeal, or peanut butter.  For more formal or holiday occasions, fancier cookies might be more delicate, decorative, or special flavored cookies like macaroons, fruit cookies, and cookie cutter creations like gingerbread men. My favorite cookie recipe comes from my mother, which she made for years.  It is her Toll House cookie recipe, made with chocolate chips.  Nothing reminds me of home more, except for my mother’s molasses cookie recipe.  This is a drop cookie with the sweetness of molasses and the snap of fresh ginger.  From my mother in law comes a classic recipe for peanut butter cookies.  We decorate these at the Christmas holidays with a single chocolate kiss pressed into each one.  When these come hot out of the oven the chocolate kiss is soft melted perfectly.  Another good Christmas cookie is of course my rolled sugar cookie recipe which I got from a neighbor.  These are perfect for decorating with colored cookie icing which is simple to make. On the menu bar to the left of this page are links to all of the best cookie recipes on my website.  Just choose one and  -  Enjoy!