Game Day Snack Recipes
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I love snacks.  I love all snacks.  I love the idea of picking up something small to carry me over between meals that is just for fun, just for the taste of it all. A snack is generally much smaller than a regular meal, and in much smaller portions, that may be eaten in a bit of a hurry.  Many years ago, snacks were often made from scraps or leftovers from other meals.  That can be true in our modern times but today we have so many more options for snacking.  Packaged snack foods are very tempting sweet and salty treats, placed in packages that keep our snacks fresh longer and that are easy to take anywhere.  In fact since there are so many snack foods available everywhere all the time it is easy to overeat in an unhealthy way.
Snack foods have a bad reputation for being “junk food” since they can often be high in fat and calories and of little or no nutritional value.  To combat this trend, choose healthier snack foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and cereals.  Small children and adolescents may not be inclined to eat a good breakfast and so may actually need to snack to fuel their rapidly growing bodies and to have enough energy to get through the day.  So snacking choices for children may be really important to be made carefully. I have to admit that most of my snack recipes are not the most healthy.  But if you make your own snack foods and follow these recipes and adjust them to your taste you can control the amount of fat, salt and sugar that they contain. My favorite snack food to make is my mother’s Chex party mix.  This is a combination of cereal grains, nuts and pretzels that actually can be made more healthy by reducing the amount of butter that is used to make it.  But watch out since this snack is terribly addicting. Another good snacking recipe is for my ranch dressing oyster crackers.  You can also control the fat content of this snack recipe by reducing the amount of oil that it calls for.