Basic Mashed Potatoes
Here is the recipe that my mom taught me for mashed potatoes.  They taste so much better than instant potatoes that it is worth the effort.  I start with Yukon Gold potatoes because they have a lot of starch and for me that makes them good for this recipe. Ingredients: 2 lbs potatoes, Yukon Gold or other starchy variety milk or cream to taste butter to taste salt & pepper to taste I am sorry for not putting definite quantities of milk, butter, salt & pepper.  It’s just because adding each one is a matter of taste preference.  Adding the milk, for instance, can give you a more dense or more creamy mashed potatoes batch and a lot of folks differ on what they prefer. Peel and slice each potato into 4-5 pieces so that they will cook through quickly.  Place them in a pot and cover them with cold water until they are covered by an inch or so.  Boil them until they are fork tender, so that the fork slides pretty easily all the way through a test potato slice.  This will take about 15 minutes or so.  When done, drain them well.  You can leave them in a strainer for a few minutes because they hold heat well and will not cool quickly. Return the potatoes to the pot and mash them with a wire masher.  Keep mashing until you get the desired texture.  My son like a view lumps in his mashed potatoes to chew on.  Some people use an electric mixer to whip some air into the mix and make them fluffier.  Some use a potato ricer which makes them really smooth.  Add the butter, milk and/or cream while mashing/mixing until you get the desired texture.  Add the liquid gradually so that things don’t get too creamy for you.  Add salt & pepper to taste and you’re done!
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