Here is a great recipe from my daughter, who will explain how to make this delicious dessert in her own words so  #MaddysInCharge.… For the filling: •  6-8 cups fresh peaches, sliced (about 10 peaches I guess? Idk, I picked like 80,000 at the farm and it’s all a blur. Just make sure there’s enough to fill a 13x9 cake pan) •  1 cup sugar •  1⁄3-1⁄2 cup all-purpose flour •  fresh nutmeg to taste (get a dumb little nutmeg grinder. Totally worth it) •  splash of vanilla extract For the crumble: •  ½ cup sugar •  ¼ cup brown sugar •  ¾ cup flour •  1 ½ cup chopped walnuts •  4 ½ ounces butter (or a little more, if you really love yourself) room temperature, cut up into little cubes •  ½ cup whole grain oatmeal •  crumble some Ritz crackers in there for texture •  dark chocolate crushed super fine. Or you could be of the trash belief that peaches and chocolate don’t go together, in which case, smell ya later, loser 1.  Preheat to 375 degrees 2.  Blanch peaches for 30 seconds in boiling water. Remove them and immediately bathe them in cold water, or better, plunge them into an ice bath. Once cooled, the skins should slide right off, like the skin off that Nazi’s face in Indiana Jones. Slice them up. 3. Combine all ingredients for the filling in no particular order. This is peach crumble, not stem cell research. (Maddy, why didn’t you compare the ease of peach crumble to the difficulty of a different food instead of stem cell research? Because that would not be FUNNY. Keep up.) 4.  Mash all crumble ingredients except THE TOTALLY VALID AND DELICIOUS chocolate with your presumably clean hands. 5.  Butter the pan up and dust with some flour too, if you want to impress whoever is watching you make this. Or maybe it’s just for you! #selfcare 6.  Fill pan with….filling, then crumble the….crumble, evenly over the filling. Sprinkle the controversial chocolate dust over the crumble and bake for however long it takes to bubble all over. About 45 minutes? Or until your mom gets so hungry and insistent that you have to pull it out early before she stabs you. 7.  I hate when recipes end with “Enjoy!” so instead: winter is coming
Maddy’s Random Internet Mash-up Peach Crumble
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