This is a very special variety of rice that is commonly served in Indian restaurants.  The flavor is very different, with a fragrant nutty aroma and taste that goes particularly well with Indian food.  You can get Basmati rice at most larger supermarkets, or at Indian grocery stores or online.  It is a little extra trouble to make Basmati rice with these Indian flavorings, but it is worth it! Ingredients: 1 ½ cups Basmati rice 1 ½ tablespoons ghee, butter or light cooking oil 1 stick cinnamon 3 whole cardamom pods 3 whole cloves 1 ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon sugar 2 ½ cups water Carefully pick through the rice, removing any debris or small stones.  Use a sieve or colander to wash the rice by running cold water through them and agitating them until the water runs through clear, not cloudy.  Drain the rice very well so that you get the right amount of measured water when ready to cook the rice. In a sturdy cooking pot big enough to cook the rice, heat the ghee/butter/oil until a drop of water flicked into the pot sputters on contact.  Sauté the cinnamon stick, cardamom pods and cloves for a few minutes until the pods start to expand with the heat.  Add just the rice and sauté for just a minute or two to let the fragrance develop.  Then add the water, salt and sugar and bring all to a boil. Reduce heat to the lowest possible heat, cover and cook for 18 minutes then remove from heat.  This pot of rice will keep warm for 20-30 minutes while you prepare other dishes.  
Basmati Rice Recipe
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