For years I struggled with making hard boiled eggs for any of my dishes which call for them.  I could never get it right.  I cooked them for too long or too short a time.  They would always have that blue-green color around the hard boiled yolk, which indicates that they were cooked for too long.  The yolks were pale and weak looking.  They were so difficult to peel that much of the white was broken and lost when the shell refused to part with the egg white. Not anymore!  Here is the secret to preparing any number of perfect hard boiled eggs. The idea here is to better control the cooking time by arresting the cooking with the cold water.  If you time it right, there will be no telltale blue-green color bordering your yolks and the yolks themselves will be an appetizing bright yellow color.  Plus they will peel with ease! 1.  Furiously boil enough water to cover all the eggs, without putting the eggs in yet. 2.  Add the eggs gently – I use a slotted spoon to lower in two at a time.  No worries if a few eggs crack and leak when they hit the hot water; they can be salvaged. 3.  Leave them boiling furiously for exactly 12 minutes, no more and no less. 4.  At 12 minutes, carefully pour just the boiling water out and quickly add cold water to cover the eggs. 6.  Pour out the water again if your cold water turned warm/hot when it hits the eggs & pan; fill with cold water again. 7.  Cool and peel perfect hard boiled eggs by tapping the shells on the edge of the sink and peeling them under running cold water to wash away little bits of shell.
How to Cook Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs
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