Thai Stir Fry Greens
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I used to fly right by the collard greens and mustard greens section of the produce shelves in my local supermarket without stopping.  And I did not care for spinach and neither did my family.  Not anymore! Here is a simple way to make these good green veggies taste so good with very little effort.  This stir fry sauce is not bland like some Chinese sauces and not spicy like other Thai food dishes.  The fish sauce called for in this recipe can be Thai or Vietnamese fish sauce and you can find both online if they are not available near you. Main ingredients: 1 big bag (10+ ounces or so) raw spinach or mustard greens 3-4 tablespoons vegetable oil 5-6 cloves fresh garlic chopped fine 1 cup water 2 tablespoons oyster sauce 4 tablespoons fish sauce 2 tablespoon sweet, dark or black soy sauce Serve over rice Prepare by chopping up the garlic and setting it aside.  Then combine the water, oyster sauce, fish sauce and sweet soy sauce together in a small bowl.  To start, pour the oil into a hot wok or big sauce pot and add the garlic and keep stirring it until it smells good and just starts to turn brown in a few seconds.  Then add the raw greens and toss to coat them with the garlicky oil.  Then add the sauce you prepared and let it all heat through until the greens are a bit wilted and then serve them over rice. This sauce is the basis for Chicken With Thai Basil but it works well for any vegetarian ingredients you choose.  Try adding broccoli, carrots, onion, peas or anything else you can think of.